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The Backyard Chip vs Other Outdoor Products

Grant Telford ·
Do you feel that? The boredom of staying inside for so long.
The regret of staying in bed, not accomplishing anything.
The slow building of fat you’re gaining, because you aren’t staying active.
The strain on you and your families eyes from looking at screens so much.
With Summer right around the corner, you are probably worried about a multitude of different issues, like:
  • Getting in shape for that hot Summer body
  • Getting you and your family away from the screens due to work and online school
  • Trying to find fun activities for the whole family  
    What if I told you that there was ONE simple solution for all of those problems? 
    That solution is called The Backyard Chip!
    What Is The Backyard Chip?
    The Backyard Chip is the revolutionary mini frisbee, that flies over 200 feet and completely reinvents outdoor fun! They're specifically designed with high quality silicone made to be indestructible and last a lifetime. So, unless you plan on playing catch with a chainsaw don't expect them to break anytime soon. As for the size, it’s 2.5 inches across making it the perfect game you can bring with you anywhere in your pocket. The Backyard Chips come in all different colors from Pitch Black, to Glow in the Dark Green, even Tie-Dye mixtures. I know what you are thinking, what is the difference between The Backyard Chip and a frisbee, a tennis ball, bottle cap, even a rock, etc.? If you continue reading, I will show you the differences and why The Backyard Chip is the next generation outdoor activity.
    How is The Backyard Chip Different?
    Some people will say, why not stick to the normal activities, like throwing a football, baseball, or a normal frisbee. Compared to a frisbee, The Backyard Chip is small enough to put in your pocket and take anywhere to play no matter where you are, whether it be at a park, in your home, at school, or taking a break from work to get away from the computer. The Chip is also soft and bendable, so playing indoors is simple, unlike frisbees which are a hard plastic and big that it’s easy to break something in the house. I have seen some people comment why not just play with a football or regular ball, which is completely fine for those who want to stay in the past; that’s like saying why not play with the stick and hoop game that people use to play back in the day. Footballs, especially for younger kids, are hard to grasp and throw, the Chip fits perfectly in anyone hands and simple to toss. That is why The Backyard Chip is called the next generation of outdoor fun!
    Where do I Purchase The Backyard Chip?
    The Backyard Chip can be purchased on The Backyard Athlete website; once there you can buy 3 Chips for $20 right now, since they always have amazing deals going on! You will see the many color options and combinations they provide and come out with more frequently. On their site they have other games and products that the entire family as well.