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The Backyard Buds PetTag Holder

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Whether you’re worried about your pet running away from home, or if your dog likes to explore the backyard off-leash, with our PetTag you can finally attach Apple's AirTag to the collar of your furry friend and track them in style. Never face the uncertainty of loss.

✔️ Made of High-Quality Silicone

✔️ Comfortable & Durable

✔️ Easy To Use

✔️ Use for pet collars, purses, kids backpacks, and much more!

2-4 Day

Never Lose
Your Pet!


Enjoy The
Peace Of Mind


So Here's How—
It All Works

Thanks to Apple’s new AirTag Tracker you can now be sure your best friend is never out of sight. Just attach the AirTag to your pet's collar using our PetTag and you'll never lose control. Peace of mind.


Innovative design that fits snugly over your AirTag and protects it against scratches. It's lightweight and durable. Never worry about it falling out.


Keeps the powerful tracking device permanently attached to your dog’s collar and ensures that locating your dog is as simple as using your iPhone. No one will ever notice it's an AirTag. Available in three stylish colors.

Shipped To Your Door
in 2-4 Days

Attach Tracker
To Your Pet

Never Worry About
Losing Them Again!

Product Details

  • Engineered for Protection

  • Indestructible Design

  • Ultra-Secure Lock

  • Universal Fit

How To
-Track Them!

The Bark-yard Ball is your pup's new best friend... and yours!


Pair your AirTag with your phone


Loop the AirTag holder around the collar of your pet

Peace of Mind

Never worry about losing your best bud again!

Backyard Buds For Life
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No, Apple's AirTag is not included with the PetTag. Please get it separately on
While we designed this to be compatible with pets' collars first, you can also attach it to your bag or anywhere else you want.
Though it's designed exclusively to work with AirTags, it will also work with other similar trackers that have the same size.
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We ship from the United States and ship out all over the world!

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